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Maxcore will present out new BT car speaker phone with FM transmitter BT 09


This is a very brand new design Bluetooth car speaker phone with FM transmitter, which solve a lot of old car, truck , jeep w/o bluetooth build in, but can enjoy wireless musics from mobiles via this 

Wonderful 2 in 1 functions Bluetooth car speaker phone with FM transmitter. You can not only enjoy wireless music, but also can drive car hands free without any worrry fines or traffic or miss the call.. 

The key selling point and design is the ` Swivel Round` button, you can easily dial it to adjust volume bigger or smaller.. And this round button improve the product to a higher end level and become a 

bright light, which take you completely comfortable operate experience~~~

The 2nd selling point is this BT car speaker kit with FM transmitter, you can enjoy wonderful music from BT car kits transferred to Car Audio  via FM transmitter.. Buy one product, but enjoy two products bring`s

convenience! Spend 1 cent, but own 2 cents treatment!!!

BT 09, it is worthy of you have!!!

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