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About us: 

Maxcore Overview

Maxcore, is an established company in 2012, which specialized in R&D,producing &marketing of digital consumer products, our main focus on consumer electronics ,such as Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth headset,  Bluetooth car kits and Smart  products. We all along eyes on fashion design, pursuing innovation, aims to bring more new elegant consumer electronics for our clients in the worldwide.

Manufacturing Capacity

 Our factory `s 4000square meters place with 380 employees, also with own SMT Workshop , aging room, in house hot sealed machines. We have first class production equipment , 8 production & assembling lines, 4 high speed imported advanced  SMT lines monthly output average 400,000pcs, and fully ISO 9001:2008 certified

Quality & Certi compliance

We build a very strict & advanced internal quality checking system. All in-coming materials , especially for some emphasized & sensitive materials, our QC will 100% check to full guarantee following productions fluently and timely finished. In order that to ensure our products is excellent performance on quality. We most use parts and components from renowned brand, such as CSR, ISSC, Samsung or Hyundai etc.

Our quality also strictly execute international quality standard, AQL major 1.0 & Minor 2.5. In addition, Maxcore products are CE, ROHS, REACH, FCC, WERCS, ERP etc full complaince and certified . We are also BSCI participant & audtited factory

Our R&D talents:

Our R&D team has over 10 years of experience in digital electronics field. Especially on audio & videl products. All members have received professional training, and half of them hold at least a mater`s degree.

Our marketing:

Our marketing strategy adjust constantly , which full adhere to the client`s demand, and marking going trend. We not only provide ODM & OEM for off-line channels client, but also to on-line client. We also enlarge our business not only abroad, but also domestic..

Customers first, company continue`s development, which maximum to satisfy and meet clients demands. In this world, only customer give us money, only customer is best to us. So, we shall provide best service to customer. Maxcore living only way is to make customer`s value biggest. 

Our culture

Maxcore is a utilitarian company, all efforts based on realize its aims. Maxcore  culture is followed and sticked closely based on realize its own aims. And this aim is acquire commercial value and benefit.

Maxcore only aim is to realize business success finally.

Must keep  extended growth :

Only development is truth. We must maintain reasonable increment speed. And digestion internal contradiction. Improve core competitive power. And keep balance between increment and benefit.

Focus client cared pain spot, challenge and pressure, we must care big client sales volume increment. And all R&D revolve around customer demands , and all our engineers must be businessman meanwhile.  And we shall know client needs and lead this needs. We care current client needs, also we shall care client`s future needs.

Only this, we can keep efficient growth and survive..


All creations has risks, but no creation is biggest risk.  We encourage creation, but we are against blind creations.  Making products accord by clients demands, and make technology centered to do future platform.

We propose open, co-operative , and realize both win-win. And Maxcore keep modest and open the door to co-operate with all clients, excellent ID designers, advantage platforms in different aspects to realize Creation`s final success.


Be good at grasp the business chance, and be brave to invest when chance comes, and insist invest when chance is coming.  Meanwhile, we also shall  be good at create chance. Chance is very important at this changeable digital consumer electronics field.

Under vague market, we must keep more lines to struggle; When market is clear, we must invest our main focus to main line immediately. And focus all advantage sources to break the market sally port.


All  reasonable management must realize and execute, not empty. And we must pass crisis and pressure to everyone, every corner, every flow chart, then to activate internal management system. And as a company, our main aim is to serve client and get benefit, not for others.

We must keep high crisis feeling, everday we face challenges. We must find our shortages, and improve, and make self criticize, and abandon all can abandons, and learn from Excellent enterprise in the same lines.

We shall absorb good things, new ideas , value info. From others, then improvement. And become strong in the following future years.

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